24 November 2016

MultiCarta enables Mir card holders to withdraw cash at terminals and ATMs of Vologzhanin Bank

Multiсarta processing company (a subsidiary of VTB Group) has successfully completed the project on connecting ATMs and cash points of Vologzhanin Bank to Mir payment system. Vologzhanin Bank became one of the first banks in the Vologda Region to join the national payment system and started to service Mir cards.

Kirill Sviridenko, CEO of MultiCarta, commented: "Our company has extensive expertise in implementing technological acquiring projects, including for acceptance of cards of the national payment system. This year, we implemented a large-scale project, as a result of which Mir cards are currently serviced in the terminal networks of our customers throughout the country."

"The organization of Mir card servicing in our ATM and cash point network is an important stage of Vologzhanin Bank joining the national payment system," said Alexei Ignatyev, Chairman of the Management Board of Vologzhanin Bank, ZAO. "A fruitful partnership with Multiсarta made it possible to implement this project in the shortest possible time."