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Alexei Blinov

Alexei Blinov

Head of Customer Relations Department

ATM Service Interface

Improve Operating Efficiency of your ATMs

ATM transaction is a service most frequently required by clients of any bank. We offer you assistance in the arrangement of effective ATMs operation and, first of all, improvement of their availability.

Comprehensive network management ATM:

  • Monitoring the health of ATM
  • System management of terminal network
  • Comprehensive maintenance of the terminal network
  • Comprehensive maintenance of ATMs
  • Financial monitoring of ATM network
  • There are over 16,000 ATMs under our management in 7 countries. We work with ATMs of major manufacturers such as NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Nautilus, Novyi Gorod, DORS, Iskrа, OKI, GRG, ComNet and serve all ATM types: Cash in, Cash out, Combi and Cash Recycling. Your ATM can become not only devices for receiving and issuing of cash, but also an effective sales tool.

    We offer additional features in the ATM network:

  • P2P transfers (card to card) at ATMs
  • Transfers in favor of service providers in ATMs
  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Change PIN-code at ATMs
  • Sms -service at ATMs
  • The possibility of realization of marketing programs on ATMs – attract new customers, campaign for their "foreign" customers
  • 24/7 access to funds is a necessary prerequisite of client’s loyalty to your bank. The ATM Map service will help your clients quickly find the nearest operating ATM with required functionality (cash-in or cash-out, payment for services) and lay the route to it. The map is updated in real time, so the client will not be directed to an ATM that ran out of cash or is located in a facility closed for repairs and etc. The actuation of this service will significantly reduce the load on your customer service center. The service Connection will significantly reduce the load on your customer service center. The service is implemented as a web page, as well as mobile applications for platforms Android, IOS and Windows Phone.