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с частной политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных ознакомлен – (на)*

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с частной политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных ознакомлен – (на)*

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which processing system is used by MultiCarta?

We use TranzWare, an advanced platform developed by Compass Plus, a Russian company. It is a high-performance flexible platform allowing us to ensure a full range of processing services, as well as deploy new solutions for our clients ‘in-flight’, without interrupting operation of their systems. For more details, please visit the Technologies page.

2. What kind of procedure is used for file sharing between the bank and the processing facilities?
The files are shared via the EDM system using encryption. The system is certified under PCI DSS. The file sharing takes place every 15 minutes.
3. How is the online interface organized between the partner bank’s remote banking systems and the processing facilities?
FIMI protocol (developed by Compass Plus) is used to organize the online interface of MultiCarta’s TranzWare Online authorization system with the partner bank’s RBS system. This interface allows the partner bank to activate a new card, deposit/withdraw funds, or block a card in the online mode.
4. Is there any ATM of the VTB Group’s Network in my city?

Here you can see the map of the VTB Group’s ATMs: geo.multicarta.ru/vtb/map

5. How do you organize the client relations management?

Each client in MultiCarta is assigned to a dedicated account manager, who you can ask all your questions. If necessary, the manager will forward the issue to technical specialists. For information about the Sponsorship Program of VTB Bank OJSC aimed at support of those seeking membership in the international payment systems and opening correspondent accounts, please contact Svetlana Yu. Dubkova, the Financial Institutions Department.
VTB Bank Financial Institutions Department

Tel. (495) 775-54-54 (ext.1-22-54)
Fax: (495) 783-21-78
e-mail: dubkovasu@msk.vtb.ru

6. What about the innovation pipeline of MultiCarta?

In 2013, MultiCarta developed a mobile ATMs geo-location application for Windows Phone, launched 3-D Secure service (Verified by Visa), tested ATMs with recycling function. A pilot operation of the ATMs started.

7. Who are the key customers of MultiCarta?
MultiCarta provides services to more than 50 banks in Russia, the CIS and Georgia, including all VTB Group’s banks that offer card programs.