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с частной политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных ознакомлен – (на)*

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с частной политикой в отношении обработки персональных данных ознакомлен – (на)*

Company History

1994 – Establishing MultiCarta Ltd., one of Russia’s pioneer processing centers. Certification by Visa Intenational and Europay International (now MasterCard Worldwide) as third-party processor and personalizer.

1995 – MultiCarta is licensed as third-party processor and personalizer by American Express.

1996 – MultiCarta is licensed by Diners Club International as processor and personalizer.

2003 – Vneshtorgbank (VTB OJSC) becomes the owner of the company.

2007 – MultiCarta consolidates the processing service to include all the banks within the VTB Group; VTB North-West is integrated into the system.

2007 – MultiCarta becomes the second processor of Russian Europay Members Association (REMA). Russian banks planning to join MasterCard are gradually integrated into the system.

2008 – Opening the company branch in St. Petersburg, integration with the VTB North-West processing centre.

2008 – Migration of VTB 24 processing facilities to MultiCarta’s platform began. The ATM network management project is implemented.

2008 – Internet acquiring is launched, with the major projects being Aeroflot and MTS.

2009 – Starting expansion to the CIS countries. PAO VTB Bank (Ukraine) and ZAO Bank VTB (Belarus) are connected to the processing center.

2009 – ATM Maintenance service is launched, starting with a pilot project to introduce end-to-end ATM maintenance.

2010 – Migration to a new technological platform – TranzWare (Compass Plus).

2010 – Launch of the innovative “Cross selling in ATMs” service.

2011 – Further expansion of the service geography. VTB Bank JSC (Azerbaijan) and Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) are connected to the processing facilities.

2011 – Launch of the ATM Map service in the Internet.

2011 – MultiCarta acquires the Standart-Processing processing center, thus increasing the client base more than twice.

2012 – Development of a mobile application for the ATM Map service.

2012 – MultiCarta starts servicing Leto Bank – the tenth, 'jubilee', bank of VTB Group.

2012 - Launch of service - «Sales via ATMs» for VTB Ukraine.

2013 - Integration of LLC «MultiCarta» and «ex-TransCreditCard».

2013 - Service of VTB Bank has been completely transferred to the processing company "MultiCarta".

2013 - ATM network of VTB Bank (Ukraine) has been completely transferred to the processing company "MultiCarta".

2013 - Completed migration of merchant acquiring "VTB Bank" (Belarus). There were performed a «Pilot» of the project and migration of ATM acquiring.

2014 - «Central Bank» included MultiCarta LLC to the operators ‘registry of payment systems.

2014 - MultiCarta has successfully conducted the business forum in St. Petersburg for its clients and partners from Russia and CIS.

2015 - Created inter-host interface between MultiСarta LLC and the National Payment Card System (NPCS). Domestic transactions are successfully transferred to servicing of the National Payment Card System (NPCS).

2015 - The project of migration VTB24 POS-acquiring to outsource – MultiСarta LLC. There were implemented a terminal network management system for VTB24 (PJSC).

2015 - MultiCarta has successfully conducted the second business forum in St. Petersburg. It is planned to conduct forum annually.

2015 - MultiCarta implements the project on the integration of a business continuity management service (BCP).

2016 - The start of Mir payment system servicing.

2016 - Bulding direct JCB channel.

2016 - Money transfers in social networks in implemented.

2016 - Samsung Pay and Apple Pay service was launched in Russia.

2016 - MultiCarta has successfully conducted the third business forum in Sochi .

2017 - Implemented service Samsung Pay for VISA cards of VTB 24.

2017 - Implemented refill service card indirect members of payment systems under the sponsorship of VTB ATM network of VTB group.

2017 - Started issuing cards of the Mir payment system , PJSC Pochta Bank.

2017 - Passed the annual audit, the results of which MultiCarta became part of the participants VISA support secure technology. Updated information in the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers.

2017 - The project of building the VTB group on the basis of MultiCarta Operator's fiscal data.

2017 - Implemented the ability to purchase tickets on the website and mobile application RZD using technology of Apple Pay and MasterPass.

2017 - Technology of cashless payment with the payment system Alipay.

2017 - Implemented cashless purchases using the technology of Android Pay.

2017 - Implemented a project for sending notifications for Bank card transactions in Viber messenger.

2017 - Held the IV annual business forum for customers and partners MultiCarta.

2017 - Launched service of international transfers from card to card on the website VTB24.

2017 - The Number of the company MultiСarta Bank cards exceeded 25 million units.

2017 - The Number of the company MultiСarta terminal devices has exceeded 80 thousand pieces of equipment.

2017 - PJSC Pochta Bank acquired from VTB Bank 74,67% stake in the processing company MultiСarta.